For Don, quality of life for seniors is a personal issue. Years ago, he struggled to find appropriate retirement living options for both his parents and in-laws. His father and father-in-law were healthy, active seniors, but their wives needed support to manage their health concerns. Unfortunately, there were no housing options available that would accommodate their differing needs. The two couples didn’t want to live apart, so both men spent nearly a decade struggling to provide around-the-clock support and care to their wives.

In the early 1990s, Don recognized that his experience was, in fact, a pervasive social issue. So he decided to do something about it. He developed an innovative model that enabled seniors with differing health issues to get the support they needed to stay together, and to live with companionship, freedom, vitality and independence for as long as possible.

In 1995, he founded CPAC (Care) Holdings Ltd. For the next decade, CPAC developed and operated retirement communities in British Columbia, with the mandate of enhancing the lives of residents and their families.

This concept has become an exemplary model in the industry. Over the years, CPAC collaborated with health authorities, local and provincial government bodies, and industry peers to create innovative service options that benefit seniors and their families.

In 2002, CPAC and other industry leaders founded BCRCA (British Columbia Retirement Community Association), now known as BCSLA (British Columbia Seniors Living Association), a vibrant association with over 130 organizations, representing the ownership and operation of thousands of retirement living suites.

In 2005, CPAC (Care) Holdings Ltd. was sold to Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT. However, Don continued to consult to retirement community developers and operators around the world.

In 2012, Don partnered with Huamin Chen, Kefei Deng and Michael Diao, who wanted to harness their financial strength to meaningfully give back to society. The team formed our current company, Element Lifestyle Retirement, Inc. Diao serves as the Chief Executive Officer, and key executives from the original CPAC have returned to support, build and grow the business.