We are unique as a publicly traded retirement living provider. Our team of professional retirement living specialists has deep expertise in both development and operations. This allows us to expand with a focus on quality, through a combination of (1) new development and property ownership, (2) acquisition of income-producing properties, and (3) consulting contracts for development and long-term operations management.

We are committed to creating socially conscious, ethical investment opportunities that contribute to balanced, diverse and sustainable communities. As such, our investment opportunities work towards our vision for revolutionizing the perception and experience of retirement and aging – not only for our seniors, but for their families, and for society. These are long-term opportunities: we do good, and thereby organically create sustainable financial and social return, and further family legacies.

We identify markets with the greatest demand, and in them, we develop high quality, purpose-built, socially connective residences under our innovative intergenerational aging-in-place model. We tailor our model to meet the needs and desires of local communities, and we operate our purpose-built communities for the long term.

Please contact us to find out more about investment opportunities.