In other words, we know what we’re doing. But more importantly, we care about how we do it.

At Element Lifestyle Retirement, we offer choice, continuity and peace of mind to seniors and families. With each residence we design and build, we provide an impressive range of services and amenities, so elders can do the things they want to do, not what someone else thinks they should do. If a parent has short-term or chronic health challenges, they’ll get the care they need. Which means that both parents can still live together. We think it’s a lot better that way.

Element proudly leads innovation with its intergenerational aging-in-place model has won an international award over 950 projects assessed worldwide. The company’s mission is to break status quo, and to address deeply rooted stigma and ageism that impact seniors and families across most societies. Element provides support and care services to elders in an intergenerational living arrangement that allow all generations of family to live together, supported to build rich lives on meaningful bonding experiences that dynamically engage all ages.

In doing so, Element sets out to do away with the conventional retirement residence and “old folks’ home”. All generations of families can be freed of burden and duty, so that family dynamics can be light and happy.

Elders can enjoy hearing their grandchildren’s laughter, and passing on their legacy in structured, facilitated programs for life experience sharing, reading, knitting, sewing, cooking – and of course, playing. Our residences and communities exist to help families achieve positive dynamics.

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Our Values and Philosophy are represented by the word


  • I


    Integrity is the cornerstone of every action we take. Our word is our bond. We strive to demonstrate a consistency of character that is transparent, genuine, trustworthy and respectful.

  • M


    The quality of our people is the key to our success. Through leadership, coaching and mentorship we pass on our industry knowledge to develop our talent pool and create an innovative and supportive organization.

  • P


    We are passionate about the people we serve and the future of our industry. We are committed to going above and beyond what is expected of us. Decisive and results-driven, we endeavor to be thoughtful and thorough in everything we do.

  • A


    We are all accountable to each other, our customers and our investors. Individual accountability is critical to achieving our overall goals and objectives. For us to meet our commitment we must operate a profitable, purposeful and sustainable organization.

  • C


    We live in a constantly changing world. What was good enough yesterday will not be enough tomorrow. We embrace change and use creativity and innovation to take calculated risks to provide quality services that offer flexibility and choice.

  • T


    We are one team. We believe that our collaborative culture provides a competitive advantage. We communicate openly with each other and value diversity in perspectives and opinions. We hold people in the highest esteem and work to understand and celebrate our differences.