On September 7, 2017, OASIS by element™ was presented to the community at a Public Information Meeting held at the Langley Events Centre.

The event was very well attended, and feedback was overwhelmingly positive on all aspects of the development. The response is highly rewarding and encouraging, as our vision and model are proving to serve the community’s needs.

Here are direct quotes of some of the comments were as follows, and images of a portion of the questionnaire/comment forms are also included below:

“Higher density developments desirable for several reasons: transit efficiency saving farmland… Appreciate environmental area protection. Multiple generational living and purpose-built development positive”

“We would like to see anything that would support the OASIS project within the local area. The plans shown at this public meeting tick all the needs I can think of”.

“Multi-generational living and purpose-built development a positive!”

“The project is very well thought out with all amenities anyone could need included”.

“Aging in place is a great idea and having different age groups in the same general area is wonderful.”

“Interested in future townhouse: 2 bdrm, roomy garage, greenspace, walking trails, shops”. (And he saw in the plans that we have greenspace, walking trails and shops).

“Great idea – with the aging and growing population we will need more areas like this.”
“Excellent concept of intergenerational. Seems like a healthy model for good communities”.
“Life would definitely be easier of my immediately family all lived within the same neighbourhood, with aging support and care as well as children’s daycare within the same vicinity!”
“Outstanding walkability. Makes sense for a great neighbourhood.”
“Love it!”
“The proposed community looks to be very well thought out. I don’t have any dislikes but one of my likes would be the green spaces and walking areas incorporated into the community”.
“Strongly like this project as is well thought out as an overall project. The community will be well served by it being completed. We would like to see anything that would support the OAsis project within the local area. The plans shown at this Public Meeting tick all the needs I think of.”
“It seems a great idea and could be a needed tonic for an individualistic culture. Interested in community development for young families.”