At the OPAL Discovery Centre, we want to invite the community’s families to plan for the long-term – how to achieve and sustain a liberated, quality lifestyle, and have no worries about how long the money can last, or whether anything can be left to pass on to your future generations.

Maili Wong is author of a best-selling book on Amazon, “Smart Risk”. She has managed $5 billion funds. She was the youngest firm-wide Vice President of HSBC Securities, at the age of 30. She was recognized as Top 40 under 40 at the age of 34. Joseph Segal wrote about her: “You have achieved a great measure of success yet you’ve remembered the stepping-stones along the way including your grandfather, father and the rungs of the ladder you have climbed. You are inspiring.”
She shares Element Lifestyle Retirement’s vision for what retirement should look like: freedom, liberty, work-optional or work-free. It’s not related to age, but to the ability to have money work for us, and grow for us, in a sustainable way, so that we can create dreams far greater than we ever could have imagined for ourselves.

Maili will be a featured expert, sharing her professional insight on the 5 P’s: how to establish and define Purpose, align with the right People, form a Plan, develop healthy Perspective (shifting mindsets to stack odds in our favor) – and take Positive Action to achieve a liberated, high quality WORK-OPTIONAL/WORK-FREE life. She has helped retirees double their wealth. She has navigated clients through the world financial crisis of 2008/2009, not only helping them to “survive” but to thrive, creating sustainable, self-propagating cash flow.

At Element Lifestyle Retirement, all levels of our team are driven by purpose and desire to make lives better. That is our culture – as it is Maili’s. We share exactly the same vision for what retirement should look like, and how to get money to work for us, and grow for us in a sustainable way so that we can dream bigger, and make them happen with ease.

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