As one of our efforts to revolutionize the perception and experience of the golden years, Element is very excited and honored to sponsor the recognition of seniors who have played an inspiring role in their community.

At Element, we see retirement and senior years in a whole new way. It’s all about living in the present – no more delayed gratification, no more self sacrifice. In this stage of life, you can live every day with a deep sense of purpose that doesn’t have to be tied to your career anymore. You may choose to contribute your gifts in a different way. It may be volunteering in the community. It may be life story sharing, or expressing your wisdom and talent through a form of art. Or it may be leaving your legacy to family by developing a deeper connection and interaction with your younger generations. It really ought to be as simple as being so happy and fulfilled that your spirit spreads positive energy to the people around you.

Please take the time to nominate a senior who deserves the “Lifetime Volunteer of the Year Award” using the form here (2016 LIFETIME VOLUNTEER AWARD – NOMINATION FORM), and send it according to the instructions on the form. Entries are accepted until June 30, 2016.


Lifetyle Volunteer Award 2016

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