A 1.96 -acre (Lot 4A) intergenerational aging-in-place development located in the picturesque harbour of Victoria West within Bayview Place, a 20-acre masterplanned community featuring a retail and cultural hub, just a few minutes’ walk from Downtown Victoria. The masterplanned community’s website is BayviewPlace.com

A Development Permit Application has been submitted for 51 condominiums & 75 rental suites for Independent and Assisted Living, and 35 Licenced Care units.

At this residence, a resident aged 65+ can purchase or rent a suite, younger family members can purchase and/or rent separate suites to maintain independence for their younger families while living in the same community as the retired generation.

Here are some renderings of the building exterior.

AQUARA Exterior South Elevation, Main Entrance and Lounge Patio

AQUARA Elevation of Back Exterior adjacent to Bayview One

AQUARA Aerial Rendering from South to North – wave feature echoing the soft currents of the bay

We are working on the general direction of our interiors, and will soon be engaging the community to take your opinions via votes and comments on these images. The “musings” will be references used to convey tone, style and colors. The more input we receive as to what you like or dislike about each, the more we will be able to adapt to the aesthetic preferences of this local community. Please stay tuned for an invitation to our next Community Event, where we will share these musings for your feedback to help shape the look and feel of our residence!