OASIS by element was honoured as The Most Outstanding Intergenerational Community in the World in 2015 while still in the master planning design phase of rezoning for the 17-acre property. Our project stood out over 950 retirement living developments assessed that year, worldwide.

The Global Awards were created to celebrate and reward the best individual and company performances in Seniors Housing/Care Trends, Healthcare IT, Apps/Digital Innovation, Disability Housing and Care Services and the Medical Tourism sectors worldwide. The Awards recognise the rapid growth of these sectors worldwide, and the capacity of individuals to influence and set new performance standards across countries, regions and the world. The Awards focus on elevated performance; the creation of new business models; contrarion thinking; recognising and embracing new trends; market leadership; inspirational performance and the elevation of the customer experience.

The first awards event was held in 1998. The oldest event is in its twentieth year. The organisation has grown over 20 years to now conduct over 60 events in 12 countries. The philosophy of the Awards panel is to recognise the best exemplar in the world.

The Trends editor has been involved in these sectors for 32 years. He is the most widely travelled observer on the world stage, visiting and observing industry trends in 36 countries over the past 24 months on all continents; free of sector bias, association links, commercial compromise and open to new entrants and ideas. He is in a unique position to make considered; balanced and impartial judgments based on intellect, effort, commitment, honesty and the rewards generated by award winners for both shareholders/stakeholders and the client/customer.

The award ceremony, held in London, UK.