Private Capital Markets Association (PCMA) of Canada awarded Element’s Aquara Limited Partnership with an award for real estate innovation. Our Chief Operating Officer, Conan Graham, leads the capital raise for the AQUARA project and represented us to accept this coveted award at the 2018 PCMA WNIC. PCMA Executive Director, Georgina Blanas opened the conference, introducing their association as a network of robust and brilliant group of industry leaders, stating that “Money raised in the private capital markets helps finance business growth and economic development across Canada. It is an important contributor to job creation, putting food on the table, supporting start up, small and medium sized businesses, creating wealth for investors, young and old. The total amount of capital raised through these markets continues to exceed $100+ billion a year and continues to outpace capital raising in the public markets.”

The AQUARA Limited Partnership offer allows investors the opportunity to participate in a truly innovative aging-in-place and intergenerational commercial real-estate project that not only creates attractive financial return, but also positive social impact.

AQUARA represents a leading edge solution to the tsunami of retirement demand centered within the retirement mecca of Canada, Victoria BC. Our branded model breaks the stigma of retirement living for retirees and their extended families, and provides our LP investors a liquidity event within 5-7yrs.

An investment in the Partnership will allows unit holders to participate in the potential gain from the development of the Aquara project, holding the property through the construction period, sale of condominium units, optimization and stabilization of the rental units in the Rental Complex, and eventual disposition of the property.

With Element being expert developer and operator and acting as GP of AQUARA, this Limited Partnership creates a winning strategy to capitalize on market opportunities within the Canadian retirement sector.