OPAL’s official estimated completion is February to May of 2019.

At this time, project construction is slightly ahead of schedule. We would like to give particular acknowledgement to our outstanding Project Development team within Element, led by Vice President of Project Development, Wendy Ho. Furthermore, she gives kudos to our Contractor, PEAK Construction, led by President, Doug Wilson, and our site superintendant, Chris Mckay. Their team have taken an extraordinary lead and gone an extra mile to work collaboratively with Element to achieve this project management feat. Our regular site monitoring shows us that PEAK’s work is of refined quality, and the site has been kept very clean and tidy on an ongoing basis.

Rarely do projects make it on time or on budget. To exceed projections is commendable, and we are incredibly grateful for our people.

With many factors influencing construction progress, it is possible that some hindrances may come along the way and put us back onto the original timeline, but we are very pleased and excited by the progress to date.